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I developed & sold several IT products since my elementary school, such as:

  • Various optimization algorithms (evolutionary algorithms, used for general optimization of mathematical models and also e. g. reconstruction of natural tree models): a real-parameter single-objective SPSRDEMMS algorithm; and a multi-objective DECMOSA-SQP algorithm for constraint optimization.
    Optimization algorithms

  • Chess engine QuTeChess
  • Reversi game engine and user interface
  • Leading networked and mobile games student projects iGame and iGame/MI
  • Other computer games programming (since elementary school): board game Four in a row – 1994, card game Šnops – 1996, arcade games BlowUpWheel of Fortune and several other

In 1990s: In Clipper under DOS I programmed on networked finance accounting applications for whole business operation, under the application stack that was developed by my father (A&S Computers). As the applications model was pay-per-use, the code-base was closed-source. In 2000s: I worked at Ixtlan Team on finance systems technologies developed for Ministry of Finance in Slovenia.