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Associate Editor at Swarm and Evolutionary Computation
(JCR Q1)

Published edited journal issues

Special Issue: “Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Design Optimization” (Guest editors: David Greiner,
Antonio Gaspar-Cunha, Daniel Hernández-Sosa, Edmondo Minisci, Ales Zamuda). Mathematics – MDPI (ISSN 2227-7390), section Engineering Mathematics, 2021.JCR IF=2.258
Special Issue on “Bioinspired Optimization” (Guest editors: J. Šilc, A. Zamuda). Informatica – An International Journal of Computing and Informatics, 2015, vol. 39, no. 2, pp. 1-122.

Editor at other indexed journals

Published proceedings editor

Swarm, Evolutionary, and Memetic Computing and Fuzzy and Neural Computing: 7th International Conference, SEMCCO 2019, and 5th International Conference, FANCCO 2019, Maribor, Slovenia, July 10–12, 2019, Revised Selected Papers. Editors: Aleš Zamuda, Swagatam Das, Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi. In: Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1092), Springer, 2020.
2018 25th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP). Editors: D. Gleich, P. Planinšič, A. Zamuda. IEEE Xplore, Maribor, 20-22 June 2018.

Scientific journals reviewing

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Program committees member at  international scientific conferences

Selected expert for universities ranking

Visiting Scholars

The following scholars have visited me at University of Maribor in Slovenia for at least one week durations:

  • Roman Senkerik – May 2019 – september 2019 (half year), though a Czech Republic grant
  • Adam Viktorin – November 2018, through COST CA15140 (ImAppNIO) STSM
  • Petr Bujok, University of Ostrava – September 2019, through Erasmus+
  • Radka Polakova, University of Ostrava – June 2019, through Erasmus+
  • Roman Senkerik – 2019 and earlier, multiple visits

Fluency in computer science arts

  • C++, OpenGL & Qt programming — I wrote the complete EcoMod framework in Qt4, OpenGL and GLee
  • Artificial Intelligence/Computational Intelligence stuff
    • training game bot decision trees using predator/pray models,
    • character recognition using neural nets,
    • genetic algorithm for chess bot tuning,
    • DEMOwSA multiobjective optimization evolutionary algorithm,
    • EcoMod ecosystem emergence simulation
  • Java programming — Lestro Servlets, JRobSim, several applets
  • HTML, CSS programming — as an example, see my web pages developed
  • XHTML, Xpath, ASP.NET, RSS, MSSQL programming — as a reference see the Heterogeneous server for RSS filtering developed
  • PHP5 programming — see,,
  • Linux & server administration — administering, linux servers using MySQL, Apache (using mod_php, mod_rewrite and access lists), OpenSSH, Moodle; using linux for 18+ years.
  • C & Linux kernel programming — I wrote some simple kernel modules,
  • Python – programmed an evolutionary algorithm for optimization in Python
  • Joomla!, WordPress & Moodle deployment, customizing, theming & plugins — see,
  • GUI programming: DOS, Win32, .Net Forms, Qt4, Flash — see 4inrow, kolo sreče, ants, EcoMod, etc.
  • GIMP & Blender 2D & 3D modeling — see my synthetic EcoMod movie
  • Document programming — scripting in LaTeX, MSOffice & OpenOffice
  • Matlab, Octave – evolutionary algorithms, signal analysis and synthesis
  • R – statistics and parallelization
  • MongoDB, Cordova, Docker – big data processing and mobiles
  • … and several other technologies out there or comming in, due to expressed interests of new hacking abstractions


Course Year Program Lectures Tutorials
Operational Research of Logistic, Transport, and Economic Systems 1 CSI (PhD) assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Zamuda /
Cloud Computing Deployment and Management 1 CSIT (MSc) assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Zamuda assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Zamuda
Computer Architecture 2 CSIT (UN) full prof. dr. Janez Brest assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Zamuda
Parallel and Distributed Computing 3 CSIT (VS) full prof. dr. Janez Brest assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Zamuda
Programming I 1 CSIT (UN) full prof. dr. Janez Brest assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Zamuda
Diploma Theses 3 CSIT (PhD/MSc/UN/VS) Choose themes: from my bibliographyTFoB, assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Zamuda

In past generations, I also tutored in Computer Science subjects: Application Servers (MSc), Heterogeneous Computer Systems (UN), System Administration (UN), Principles of Programming Languages (MSc, UNI); and coordinated 2-semester student projects spanning 8 different subjects: Big Racing Games, Mobile Games, and Network Games.

For more about teaching look at this page in Slovenian language.

When contacting me over the e-mail as student regarding the teaching activity questions, please indicate email your Subject as:
Course <course abbreviation>, <study programme> :: <ID in the system> :: <subject matter>

Teaching overview:

  • giving presentations in English language at biggest international scientific conferences on computational intelligence,
  • reviewer at worldwide leading scientific journals and conferences, state of the art.
  • academic lecturer for courses:
  • leading practical work for Parallell and Distributed Computing, Computer Architecture, Programming I
    • my students learn to machine-level program the circuits, central processing units, and large scale computing architectures, and basics of programming
  • previous courses: System Administration, Heterogeneous Computer Systems, and Connectible Systems and Intelligent Services
    • students got to know how to administer heavy-traffic web farms, how to secure them, customize the services, and perform UNIX security audits,
    • my students developed distributed parallel games (e.g. AirHockey 3D multiplayer game, various card games, Applied Math Optimization with Evolutionary Algorithms),
    • I showed the students how to create intelligent services and present them as web service agents, they learn how to create intelligent summary extraction of PDF documents, and auto-generate scientific paper Turing-like tests.
  • leading a course project with Dravske elektrarne Maribor, Holding Slovenskih elektrarn for teaching them Linux system administration.